Ca Mau – Hon Da Bac

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Ca Mau – Hon Da Bac
(Depart and return during the day)

Morning :
6h : Breakfast at Trade Union restaurant
7h : Depart from Ca Mau to Da Bac by high speed boat
8:15h : Guest of honor will arrive Hon Da Bac, far away about 40km from Ca Mau. That is the common name for 3 islands located next together. The area is about 6.3ha, far away about 460m from Kinh Hon mouth on the South-West. Hon Da Bac is a wonderful sketching line of the nature with legendary stories on fairy foot, fairy hand, fairy well …
Here, stone has created the gigantic forms as challenge to the tides of the sea, here is also the residence of numberless species of fishery, which any tourists, which stepped on the island will be unable to skip the pleasure of fishing. Hon Da Bac has not only the beauty of natural landscape, but also is the gathering place of many spirit values of coastal people with Ong royal tomb recorded a mysterious story on Whale who has saved people on the sea. Hon Da Bac also has the memorial stele on the combat achievement CM 12 of heroic Ca Mau people and army, defeated the undermine entry of the exile reactionary
All have created a Da Bac island full of charming, not only for local people but also for people who come from everywhere.
Afternoon :
11 h : Have lunch at Hon Da Bac, here guest of honor will be enjoyed fresh specialities with full of aromatic favor of the south area such as : Crab, fish, cuttle-fish, oyster …
12h to 14h : continue to have the sightseeing of island’s landscape and play amusing games (self-sufficient expenditure)
Evening :
15h : Return to Ca Mau by high speed boat
End the trip


Poster: Pham Thanh Hieu
Source: CTIP

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